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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Red Sonnet – Across The Bridge – Album Review

Red Sonnet – Across The Bridge – Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

I like to mix it up a bit so when I came upon the debut album ‘Across the Bridge’ by Red Sonnet a mix of simple chilled guitar riffs, electronic string sounds and chilled airy vocals I couldn’t resist.  They are classed as a folk rock band but they are so much more.

The nine track debut is available now and gives you a good introduction to the band which consists of Sharron Harris (vocals) and Jan Harris (Piano, guitars, programming) and they make a great duo.  The tracks are a mix of folk, classical and progressive edge and the songs are about love, war and God the main staples for any good folk repertoire.

Folk isn’t my mine port of call but there is something quite epic about the songs, with a mysterious feel for them all that would have worked in the film ‘Legend’ (if you don’t know it look it up, it has Tom Cruise in it and a unicorn).

The first track on the debut is ‘When Your Love was Close to Me’ and is pure vocals with subtle guitar work and electronic sounds accompanying them.  If you like fast music then this is not for you, but if like me you are open to anything this is worth it even if just to listen the hypnotic vocals of Sharron.  This really does have a 70’s/80’s sound to it.  It rides of the cusp of Enya’s style of music, very airy and flowing.  This is followed up by some great piano in the title track ‘Across the Bridge’, which is a very relaxing track and one that really makes you to listen to every second to draw it all in.  Again the vocals are beautiful and can’t be faulted.

Not all the tracks have true vocals, including ‘Waters Flow’ which is more like a nearly 8 minute interlude.  The music is very good but I can’t deal with instrumentals, it is a very lovely song and very well composed, but I do get lost in these sorts of songs.  Thankfully these are few on the album and this track is followed by ‘Sacred King’ a very classic folk style track, but it is great to have the electronic side to the music.  It does make it quite unique.

I do have a favourite song on this album, this is ‘Fallen’, it has a lot of great music and of course some amazing vocals.  It has some nice strings in the back ground and really flows nicely through the four minute track.  I could listen to this again and again.

If you are a folk fan then I think you will like this, even though it is not traditional this is why it is very good and worth a listen.  The album “Across The Bridge” by Red Sonnet was released on September the 18th and is available now on Band Camp.

Red Sonnet on Bandcamp - Red Sonnet on Soundcloud - Red Sonnet on Facebook

3 Stars – This is a recommendation but if you like folk, like most music this isn’t for everyone, but this a beautifully constructed and sounding album from beginning to end.

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