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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lucky Jackson – Bludgeoned by the Poetry – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs  
From one of the best and nicest singer/songwriters on the local scene comes a début EP that is simply beautiful, with the sound stripped back and the words coming straight from the heart, this is a show case of solid proportions.  ‘Bludgeoned by the Poetry’ shows some influences from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan and I think they would be happy to have influenced Lucky’s music.

The Folkestone, Kent based musician has been writing music since 2000 and has over forty original compositions to his name and he has picked five for his début EP which launched at The Chambers Coffee shop in Folkestone.  With only 95% guitar and vocals throughout it doesn't retract anything from the sound and even makes this sound even better.  You get to hear every word as it is intended.  Lucky has played across Kent and even as far as Canada but listening to this EP is as if Lucky Jackson was playing in the same room as you.  There is no over production here, just simple, honest music.

‘I Liked It’ is where this journey starts, it’s airy vocals and simple guitar chords work really well and puts an emphasis on every word.  It starts slow but picks up pace as it goes and is a perfect track to kick off with.  The big thing in the track is the vocals, which can’t be faulted and carry the music rather than the other way round.

Speeding up the pace is ‘I Love You all the Same’, which has that Cash influence with its country style guitar and rolling rhythm.  The vocals are fast paced but are not lost.  It is very different from the first track and just blasts out into your ears with no remorse, you’ll bouncing along to the rhythm before you know it.

Bringing the sound back down is the beautiful song ‘Crimson Angel’, which is obviously about a lost opportunity with someone (we won’t pry).  This song is strong and from the heart and really gets deep into your soul.

Now to one of my favourite songs on this marvellous EP, ‘Song to Dylan’ were we really hear the obvious influence Dylan had on Lucky’s musical life.  It is an actual song to the Tambourine Man himself.  This picks up the pace and the talent by introducing some harmonica work which is simple and short but is just what this track needs.  Lucky pulls out everything for this ode to an obvious hero in his life.

So how do you finish an EP like this, with a sweet Irish trad song of course.  ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’ is just simply, well, sweet.  Going back to just guitar and vocals this is another beautiful song from one guy I can only say needs to be heard by all.

Go and check out Lucky Jacksons Facebook page to find a gig near you, I know you won’t be disappointed and the début EP ‘Bludgeoned by the Poetry’ is available at all gigs for £4 and online Itunes Store


5 Stars – An EP that is simple but epic, from the heart and just full of endless musical affection.

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