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Sunday, May 10, 2015

EXCLUSIVE - Lucky Jackson – So Long It's Been Good to Know Ya – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

‘Bludgeoned by the Poetry’ came out in 2014 and what a great début EP it was, so how on earth do you follow a 5 star Genius Babble review? You come back with another EP that is bigger, meatier and filled with a whole lot of prodigious joy.

‘So Long It’s Been Good to Know Ya’ is the follow up second EP from Folkestone singer/songwriter Lucky Jackson and he has grown on his previous endeavour.  Adding percussion with Matt Ruranski and harmonies and making the sound of this EP much bigger than the previous, that even though great was a much simpler and solo sound.

One thing you can count on with Lucky Jackson his music will always make you think, cry or laugh, or even possibly all three at the same time.  His voice is a mix between old American blues and Irish lilt and you can’t help but listen.  His quirky lyrics are always fun to listen to and you can hear every word, the mix between music and song are always partners in crime and can’t be separated.

‘So Long It’s Been Good to Know Ya’ starts off with the slow melodic track ‘Time to Leave this Town’. Which tells the story of getting out of where you live and mixing it up by travelling somewhere else, the lyric “New Adventure to begin” gives that away.  But it also hits on leaving the people you love and who love you to have your adventures.  The simple guitar work is a nice start and with the help of Matt Ruranski on percussion and adding in the harmonies makes this a beautiful song.  A good start to this five track EP.

‘Time to Leave this Town’ is followed up with ‘New Chapter’ so you see the thought that has gone into this EP.  It is all linked which is nice to see, to have an EP that tells a full story, or at least part of one.  ‘New Chapter’ is a faster track with some great strumming technique going on here.  It really sounds superb with the faster vocals.  The skill in the percussion really adds to this songs feeling and it just all blends in so nicely.

Third track on the EP slows the tempo back down and pulls you into the sad sounds that Lucky does very well.  He puts a lot of feeling into ‘I Don’t Regret a Single Day’ and it seems this track is coming straight from the heart.  But the way Lucky Jackson portrays the song it could relate to anyone.  It hints on the Irish lilt style that I mentioned earlier you can really hear it in this song.

So now lucky has made you cry with the third track it is time to make you think, and also laugh with ‘Home But I Won’t Be For Long’.  This is a pure Irish sing-along song, without sounding Irish, it has a folk feel to it, and if your mind works like mine you may sing a certain C word even though it is not said or even correct.  It is a fast past track that doesn't let down and it's nice to have some humour in an EP so you can see life if not all serious.

Fifth track goes all Irish, as Lucky has some of his roots in Ireland you can always say you will get some Irish poetry style music from him. ‘Parting Glass’ is just one of these songs, a beautifully written traditional song, not one of Lucky's, but beautiful all the same with simple guitar work that moves the vocals through and is really just an extra to the song itself.  It feels like this could be sung without any music by Lucky.  It is a great ending to a beautifully written and performed EP.

If you get your hands on the physical CD, then you will get track six, which is a lovely little close out Dylan style track, with added vinyl fuzz.

Overall this is one of the best follow ups I have ever heard, Lucky Jackson has taken what he did before and hasn't just built on the sound but has rocketed it into the skies above.  Moving through a story and changing styles as it goes really shows the talent that has gone into write, produce and deliver ‘So Long It’s Been Good to Know Ya’.

Written by Lucky Jackson, with percussion by Matt Ruranski and recorded at Hidden Track Studios with Oz Cragg. 

EP Available on iTunes now on this link EP Avaliable on iTunes 

5 Stars – 2 EP’s, 10 Stars, what can Lucky Jackson do next? I’d say anything he wanted.

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