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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Guy Valarino - Oceans - EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

London based Guy Valarino originally from Gibraltar is bringing his style of indie-folk-pop to the world with a global tour in the workings for 2016. Before this comes the second EP ‘Oceans’ which is out now.

This five track EP is a professionally mastered, talent filled extravaganza of indie-folk which runs through pop and all the way to a more mild rock sound.  The EP was supported by an oversubscribed pledge account, which just shows that Guy Valarino has an impressive fan base, probably all the friends he made on his last Couchsurf tour of 2013.

You can expect a high energy feel to the music and a very powerful  sound but also has a subtleness that pulls in your more emotional senses.

Starting off with the lead single ‘Oceans’ which has some nicely worked rolling guitar fingering, and even though simple it is just spot on, as the vocals pull you through the song.  The sound builds and builds until in the last minute, everything is there, climaxing with a strong powerful sound.

This is followed by xylophone touched ‘Nargis’ which I think means flower in Urdu and can be used as a person's name.  The song itself unlike its title makes a lot more sense and is a really up beat and light song musically, but the vocals seem to bring a slightly more sinister and serious note.  It is a really impressive track, and you could never knock a bit of xylophone in a modern song composition.

My favourite is Embrace sounding  ‘Woolfe’s Beach’, it starts with a beautiful electric guitar riff, before pulling away and keeping the sounds low whilst the vocals kick straight in, but then has the biggest chorus of the EP.  It has a more rocky feel and this could be why is in my favourites list, but the whole track screams perfection.  This is easily followed by fourth track ‘Out There’ which follows on with a more electronic feel and more heavier percussion, but starts with another great riff and Guy Valarino’s amazing vocals.  These two songs are hugely catchy and will have you listening again and again.

Final song is ‘Remember Me’ and after the last four songs I think everyone will.  This pulls back the sound and brings the acoustic feel back from the earlier songs.  The guitar work is really good, and the even though a simple riff, it is done without fault.  Again the vocals are amazing, from the acoustic start to the slightly bigger sound later on.

To finish on ‘Remember Me’ makes the EP ‘Oceans’ a roller-coaster of music, starting small and slow, going big and loud to calming right at the end and afterwards you feel like you have been on a journey.

‘Oceans’ by Guy Valarino was released on the 20th off November and is out now and I am telling all to check this out (link below).

5 Stars - An amazing second EP, a roller-coaster of quality music

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