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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Richard Lomax – Weapons of Max Destruction – Single Review

Photo Credit:Shay Rowan
By Tom Coombs

One thing you can say that no matter how many reviewers you may have no one can keep up with the writing power of Richard Lomax who released a single a week in 2014.  But due for release on the 1st of April (no joke) is single ‘Weapons of Max Destruction’.

Richard Lomax who fans of Frank Turner would enjoy is a singer-songwriter who fills his songs with emotion and about the real world. The vocals of ‘Weapons of Max Destruction’ are more the spoken word rather than sung and the music accompanying them is quite a jolly folk styled sound, but a modern sound rather than traditional.  Richard Lomax describes his new track as “part inspired through science as our bodies react to the floods of chemicals that sex can produce which can be confused (or indeed be described) as love” so simple really, but it makes for a great song.

‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ is released on Sotones Records on the 1st of April, check out the new music video below.

3 Stars – A fun, intelligent song about love, in a science way

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