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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Unknown - Into The Unknown - Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Hailing from Gravesend and Medway in Kent England is the rock band ‘The Unknown’ who have debut album ‘Into The Unknown’.  If you like guitars and drums, catchy riffs and mammoth choruses then these lads are for you.

The band is made up of Ross Fagan (vocals), Reece Taylor (guitar, vocals), Richard Hills (bass, vocals) and Robert Hassan (drums) and could be called the four R’s but instead make up The Unknown.  The band has been on the local pub venue scene with a few gigs in London and slowly getting on the Festival circuit.

There sound is very indie rock, with hints of blues hiding within, they class themselves as a soul band with underlying rock and blues, I did miss any hint of soul, except that they have put a lot of passion into this album which gives it soul.

The music and themselves are really catchy and play nicely, roaming from faster heavier songs to slow ballad styles.  With the vast range of vocal talent from Ross Fagan, they can move the music far on either end of the spectrum.  The backing vocals really mix well with the main vocals and the harmonising really hits home every time. You notice a lot in song ‘Life’.

These guys really know what they are doing; the quality within every track and the way the album flows is crisp from start to finish.  The mix of tempos and styles rolling like a rollercoaster which all good albums should.

It is hard to get a debut album 100% right, but The Unknown have got really close, the music here all fits perfectly together and I hope for more from this exceptional talent. You can buy the album on MP3 from Amazon, right here.

4 Stars - Rock filled from start to finish with vocals to drop to your knees for

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