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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I.R.I.S Straight “Out of Fiction”

Review by Tom Coombs

The re-launch and re-packaged “Out of Fiction” has hit the online stores with vengeance and it is flying.

If you have not heard of IRIS yet you soon will.  Last year they were signed to Engineer Records and they have a big and exciting year so keep an eye and a definite ear out for the boys from Deal, in Kent.

Now on to the music, “Out of Fiction” was the first EP from IRIS and was released quite some time ago, but now it is back and much bigger under the Engineer Records label.  With two new songs added from the original and a gorgeous new bit of art work, and you can’t say a bad thing about it.  The EP shows IRIS in the best light but even in the dark of gig-dom they hit home every time.

The first track is the title song and what a track it is. A total signature rock laden number, which is to me what IRIS is all about.  Heavy riffs, quality drumming and the awesome vocals of the Bruced up guys. It has a perfect stadium guitar riff feel and I can see tens of thousands singing along to this awesome track.
“Your Sacrifice” is the perfect following on track slightly more mellow at the beginning then fires in to a perfect riff of soring drums and guitar with a splash of bass.  It takes me back to the American rock era of the 90’s but with class and no cheese, it makes me feel like I am in the mosh pit, dripping with sweat.  This is perfectly followed by “The Shade” which has my favourite guitar riff of the whole EP, then slows to the vocals, but slowly builds to the perfect chorus.  It has a ballad feel to it but keeps the rock edge that IRIS have perfected and the addition of the strings fits like a glove.
Then we delve back into the heavy rock with “Long Walk to Sleep” which is another vision of gigs and people jumping around bouncing off each other, with a hint of crowd surfing magic.
“Lie for Me” starts with a great heavy chord section and has a more punk feel, showing that IRIS have everything you need in a rock band.  This has a good Puddle of Mudd feel which for me is great, without the nasal of Wes Scantlin.
Lastly we have a perfect end to a perfect EP with “Thicker Than Water” an acoustic track done with the IRIS perfection.  You do not expect this on the EP but when it plays you are pleasantly surprised.  As for myself, I love an acoustic number and loved the rawness of the whole thing.
All six tracks have shown that IRIS are on there way to big things and all of us at GB will be there with them.  (we are still holding out for those free tickets guys).  But bribery aside this is an awesome start and I can not wait for a debut album to be released.
“Out of Fiction” by IRIS is out on Engineer Records, available at Amazon.co.uk and iTunes.

They are currently on tour so check there website out for details on the link section to your right.
5 Stars - Epic rockiness at it's best

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