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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sirens & Shelter–The Midnight Arrangement

Review by Tom Coombs

A great new release from a trio from North Kent on Engineer Records.  An eight track EP that was out on August 6th 2012 and available on Amazon right now.

The band Sirens & Shelter consist of Scott Mallard (Guitars, Vocals), Matt Cahill (Bass, Vocals) and Chris Baxter (Drums) and what great music they make together.  An acoustic, folk, rock, melodic sound that is played to the top of the performance spectrum.  There debut ‘The Midnight Arrangement’ introduces you to this small group of guys that love what they do and take you on a perfect journey of sound.  I found it really hard to think of who they reminded me off and you know what, the closest I could get to was Frank Turner and even that was no where near.  Catchy songs, great base lines, chilled out drumming, the well executed acoustic riffs and melodic lyrics that sound as if they come from truth.

The first song on ‘The Midnight Arrangement’ is ‘Northern Lights’ and straight from the beginning you can’t help but start tapping your feet.  The vocals take you straight to where the guys are from and puts the regional stamp on the whole EP.  Starting with acoustic guitar, that sets up the rhythm of the whole track before the vocals kick in, then followed by a beat that has a good and chilled sound to it.  I love to be able hear the lyrics flow through the entire track and these guys do it every step of the way.
This sets you up nicely to listen to the whole thing over and over again.  The next track (that I personally love) was “The Deep End” a great song of relationships and being away from each other.  The little guitar riff at the beginning of the track with the pause and the sound of the fingers pulling down the strings gives you that feel that you could be listening to the song live.  The vocals again are great, especially in the chorus.  This is a track that will be good for a few repeats on the iPod.
The next track of note has to be “Artist in Civil War”, the subtle but powerful guitar riff gets you in the mood for this track from the first note.  The quiet vocals pull you into the story of the song, with out really trying.  There is a perfect harmony with Scott and Matt’s vocals, and the feelings within this just make you feel every emotion.  Then it shoots into a louder part with hard hitting one way chords, then the riff through out the song continues to the end.  One word to describe this track is “Overwhelming”.
The fifth track keeps the mood from the last with “Yours to Keep” being the slow pull up track getting more toe tapping as it goes on.  Which is then followed by “Two Left Feet” which is a good fast paced song with a great beat and a base line that is subtle but is audible enough to fit with the rhythm guitar like a Chinese finger trap (snug if your wondering).
The final track to this album is “Over The Moon” which has some great lyrics “this late night adventure has to end” suddenly shows you the story of the entire eight tracks, the high guitar riffs and the pauses within the song with just the vocals just pulls the journey through all the tracks to the calming end.
In all these guys could go all the way.  They will appeal to everyone no matter what type of music genre they are into.  It is just so perfect to listen to, you just feel every word and every note.  Sirens & Shelter are currently touring with the release of their EP and GB can’t wait to go and see them in Kent soon.
Find the guys on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/sirensandshelter
And there EP/Mini Album (their words) is available on Amazon so head over to http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008MSEXWI and buy it now!!
3 Stars - Well worth checking out

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