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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arthur Walwin–For One More Night

Review by Tom Coombs

This great artist is Arthur Walwin, singer, songwriter and producer has blasted out from his band Paige to release his first solo EP ‘For One More Night’.  Arthur Walwin started on You Tube recording covers before writing his own original music.

From South East London comes one of the best artists I have heard for years.  To write, produce and sing such great tracks gives you the air of genius with the likes of Mark Ronson, so is this the next generation.  The songs have a great amount of awesome piano work and touches on the American pop rock that I love but so subtly that if you weren’t a fan of the genre then you would still love it.  All the tracks on the EP were produced by Walwin and this gave him the freedom to make what he wanted from his music and it truly shows in the sound.  The songs are autobiographical so they are from the heart which makes the songs work and the feel you will have for them is much more.
The EP ‘For One More Night’ is a seven track EP starting with ‘Blame it On the Weather’ which starts with some great piano before the drums kick in.  It is a great start and shows you what the rest of the EP has in store.  With comparisons with You Me At Six slower tracks this is praise that shows what you are hearing and something that says that Arthur Walwin can go far in his career.
The piano and rock guitar riffs that are the main base of the tracks drags me to the feeling of The Script with that perfect balance of classic song writing and pop with the rock edge.  This is most prominent in the second track ‘All For You’.
I am amazed that I have not heard of Arthur Walwin before now, this guys is a great singer and musician, the heart in his music is just phenomenal, the raw heart ache in his voice brings you within his story.  ‘Older Posts’ is one of these tracks, adding a female vocalist who is a mystery to who she is?  Off to email to engineer records I think to find out who this great vocalist is.  There is an odd phone skit near the end of the track which wasn’t really needed but I understand that this EP is the telling of a life story so maybe it was but as a new listener it seemed a waste.  But the track itself is still amazing even with that and is followed by ‘So Nice To Meet You’ which seems to be the sequel to ‘Older Posts’, with some great guitar riffs.
The best track on the EP in my opinion is ‘Wisteria Lane Poker Club’ it is the heavier track on the EP and has that strong The Script feel but it is not like listening to them it is just on the same par.  Strong guitar, strong vocals and perfect percussion.  This will be the track that I will introducing to the world when I DJ rock nights, it is just full of feeling and power and shows off everything Arthur Walwin is all about.
The final track is ‘Don’t Lean on Me’ a great follow on from the last track, it just ends everything perfectly.
I feel honoured to have been able to review Arthur Walwin, from everything I have reviewed this is true genius at it’s best.
Available on Amazon.co.uk for MP3 download, follow the link below to get it, you will not regret it.
5 Stars - True Genius

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