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Sunday, September 16, 2012

WeCameFromWolves–Cope (Move Over Biffy)

Review By Tom Coombs

WeCameFromWolves (WCFW)the four piece band from Perth in Scotland, are hitting the scene with an amazing debut EP out on the 24th September.  The guys signed with Engineer Records in April 2012 after a outstanding European tour in January of 2012 where they got together a great following.  They have supported bands such as Frightened Rabbit and Hopeless Heroic who they supported on a tour last May.  There sound is a post-rock mix of great riffs and amazing choruses from the start.

The first is the EP title song ‘Cope’, it kicks of with a perfect mix of subtle riffs and drums leading to an adding of heavy guitar.  When the lyrics get going you know what you are in for, a perfect hit of rock.  The chorus is great and is a exciting sign along track.  They have pulled out a magnificent start to the EP and sets you up for what you are expecting from the rest of the tracks.  They have that Biffy Clyro sound but with more excitement and raw power that Biffy miss in their sound.
The next track is my favourite of the EP with its spook ridden electronic start with the radio noise in the back ground followed by a simple riff, that throws you head first into the heavy guitars that WCFW seem to love.  ‘Crosses’ is another great sound with more perfect lyrics, this track is being played in the GB office as I write this, that is how good it is because we are very picky with what is on the iPod. Now the next track ‘Blood’ hits at the American rock feel of the mid nineties with a funky fast sound that makes you want to be jumping about at a live show.  It has anthem written all over it.  The rhythm to the drums is just amazing, this is a amazing group of musicians that are playing as a true close nit band.
After the first three tracks you are unsure if they can better what you have just heard but they do exactly that with ‘Tidals’ which follows the last track greatly.  The fast pace of the music with the slower lyrics and perfect chorus.  These guys just get better.  The final track is what I class as an album closer, ‘For All Our Sins, We’re Golden’ has a a perfectly sounding riff to lead you into the track, it makes you want to be holding you hands up in the air, then let the jumping commence with an awesome opening.
You can’t fault these guys in anyway, the true rawness is what makes them a joy to listen to.  And GB will be going to see them live the first chance we get.  The EP is out on the 24th September and it is a must buy so go add it to a wish list now on Amazon.  GB will be recommending it to all, with yet another perfect Engineer Records selection, they just keep growing in strength with every review we do.
5 Stars  - all the way for WeCameFromWolves.

Out on Engineer Records September 24th, available @ amazon.co.uk/WeCameFromWolves

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