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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Forget the Summer - Come The Spring “Seven For A Secret”

Review by Tom Coombs

Hailing from Brighton comes a band of pure English rocking powerhouse anthems and fresh tracks. 
Come The Spring came together in 2012 a collection of musicians from different bands, joining forces to take on the scene and that they did and they are going from strength to strength.  They have done this with high energy sounds, blasting out anthem after anthem.  With influences from Green Day to Braid.

Signed to Engineer Records these guys didn’t hang around before hitting the road and bringing some great high octane performances across the circuit. The five piece band is kicking the year off with the release of their debut record “Seven For A Secret” a six track diamond of a release.
Each track is a new fresh sound and totally unique to the band, with tracks such as ‘Patching The Cracks Doesn’t Make it Fool Proof’ and ‘Statues’ you will be singing along in no time and your next thought will be I’ve got to see these guys live.  With dramatic riffs and anthem filling lyrics, everything fits together like a master of Tetris.  This is a debut without fault and you can always trust Engineer Records to give us the best.
Come The Spring “Seven For A Secret” is released on Engineer Records worldwide on March 25th 2013.
Big things are coming around the corner and it won’t be just the Spring.
4 stars - A true debut number one and recommended for all to purchase.


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