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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rock! The UK Way–“Requiem Of The Drunk” The Dirty Youth

Review by Tom Coombs

Ever wondered what would happen if Paramore were from the UK, well wonder no more as you are about to meet ‘The Dirty Youth’ and after, you will be saying Paramore who?

Since their first release in 2009 these guys and girl have been going up and up and there is no end insight.  From hard hitting tracks to powerful lyrics there is no faulting the band.  “Requiem Of The Drunk” is going to be the final single release from their debut album ‘Red Light Fix’ which is out now, link below.  This has been released purely for fans of the band (with some pressure from said fans).  It is a anthem the fans love and always has the entire crowd involved, the album has also been re-pressed as a deluxe edition with five additional tracks included.
So who are they?  Well if you are a reader of Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and such like then you may have already heard of TDY  who have had full spreads in the publications.  And it is all well deserved recognition, I for one will be purchasing the album.  The band consists of Philip Edwards (Drums), Matt Bond (Guitar/Piano), Leon Watkins (Bass), Luke Padfield (Guitar) and the pink haired rock siren that is Danni Monroe (vocals), whom together have created a band worthy of great things.
The single “Requiem Of The Drunk” is joined by another two tracks “Curtain Call” and “Sophie’s Song”, two perfect tracks that show the bands almighty rock presence.  With a cross of fast heavy metal guitar riffs and subtle bass hooks it mixes two genres of rock.  Vocals remind me of Paramore and the Pretty Reckless, if you are fan of either of these then you can’t go wrong with TDY.  Monroe also throws in a unique style of vocals which brings with them a heavy anthem style choruses to the tracks.  “Requiem Of The Drunk” is the heaviest track and you can tell why it is a fan favourite with hints of punk thrown in with a sing along chorus it is worth getting you hands on this.
“Requiem Of The Drunk” by The Dirty Youth is out NOW!! on Transcend Music.  So go and check it out.
5 Stars- Excitingly Raw Power

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