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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gold Skies Ahead – Bremerton EP

Review by Tom Coombs

So if like me you were looking for a new rock sound to fill your ears with powerful hooks, ground smashing riffs then look no further than Gold Skies Ahead and their new and second EP ‘Bremerton’.

The five track delicacy is one not to miss and will be available from the 15th of July. From the start it drags you in the well thought out rock sound, a cross between metal and rock with a little indie chucked in which has come to be known as pop-punk. With an intro like this one you could be mistaken that it was an intro to a Pendulum album but then the fast paced lyrics kick in. ‘It’s Always Rainy in Seattle’ is one of the best tracks I have heard all year and really gets your mind working and your body moving along uncontrollably (I was jumping about the office). It is not all in your face rock, there is slight touch of mellow piano magic with the forth track ‘Crying’. It is a great heartfelt track that shows the bands versatility and I could see this being in the top ten, easily. The second track on the EP is ‘All This Way’ and what a track and the video is below so do check it out and find out what you are missing by not owning this EP. (Full track list also below)
Now who are Gold Skies Ahead? They are a five piece band from Bedfordshire, North London consisting of brothers’ Jimmy – Vocals and Kenzi – Guitar/Vocals along with Jack - Lead Guitar, Joe – Drums and Jonny – Bass. They released their Debut EP ‘Chapter One’ in 2012 and the next EP is even better. ‘Bremerton’ named after the place it was recorded (good name) is produced by a pop-punk legend Mike Herrera of MxPx in Seattle (USA) and was mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (Young Guns) so you know the powerhouse talent that has gone into this EP. No go and mark July 15th in your diaries, tablet, phone, back of hand, forehead (just remember to write it backwards).
This one not to be missed so keep an eye out for it on Amazon (we’ve nicely given you a link below).
5 Stars – Second Release and signs of no stopping the pop-punk!!

Full track List:
1. It's Always Rainy in Seattle
2. All This Way
3. Ghosts
4. Crying
5. This Time I Mean It

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