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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer–All Three Albums (plus the first)

Review by Tom Coombs

If you like comedy, good sounds and perfect grammar then look no further than Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer.  It has taken sometime or me to find this and it came to my attention a few weeks back whilst checking out The Chap magazine, well we all like to think ourselves as Gentleman.  I saw a small piece on the music section of the website and thought I’d go and check out the inventor of Chap-Hop, a cross of good grammar and hip-hop sounds.  And I am now hooked to the cheeky rhymes of Mr. B and his banjolele.

Since 2008 Mr. B has been releasing music to the masses, the first album was ‘Flattery Not Included’ which only a few are still available and only on CD.  But apart from a few tracks the rest are available on his first MP3 released album in 2011 (also available on CD), ‘O.G Original Gentleman’, now with tracks such as ‘Hail the Chap’, ‘A Thoroughly Modern Breakup’ and ‘Sherry Monocle’ you know what you are in for.
The follow up album ‘The Tweed Album’ was released in 2012 and became a bit of a hit, with people becoming Chaps all over the place, with some great tracks like ‘Summertime’ and ‘Curtsey for Me’ which are two of the many favourites.
Now Mr.B was on a roll and just over a year and a half he released his next album in November 2013, ‘Can’t Stop, Shan’t Stop’ came out to top reviews across the world of Chap-Hop.  This was my first album I bought which starts with the fantastic track ‘Shell Toes or Brogues’ which to a chap is quite a hard choice, and a great little ditty called ‘It Doesn't Pay to Turn Up Late to an Orgy’.
The songs go from parody tracks, serious with a little chap cheek, and completed with all out funny and rude songs.  But you may think that Mr.B is just taking the piss.  You would be wrong, this man knows Hip-Hop and musicality with a genius only the Surrey born Jim Burke could really explain.  If you are wondering who Jim Burke is he is Mr.B, he was also a wrapper with Britpop group ‘Collapsed Lung’ in the early and late 90’s.
He is not the only Chap-Hopper around, there is also Professor Elemental so if you like Mr. B then check out the Elemental.
So if you are a gent who would like something different to listen to, or off to the Festivals next summer where Mr. B makes appearances then take yourself over to Amazon and get downloading.
4 Stars – Splendid Ditty’s for Pipe loving Chaps

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