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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mas Agua – Mas Agua E.P.

Review by Tom Coombs
Mas Agua is the new solo project by musician David Ellis which show cases his unique talents. Each track of the five track EP is a working of loop pedals consisting of vocals, beats, looped harmony’s and guitar. It is more like listening to a sound art installation than your usual solo artist’s music. All the five tracks are chilled out which just leaves you to wonder at the talent of the Mas Agua creator.

Towers is the first track on the EP and sets you up for what you are in for from the rest of the tracks, it is also a track I have heard before from David Ellis as the workings of this new sound was being worked out. Next up is the song ‘Soul’ which is so relaxing I nearly fell asleep (in a good way), it has a modern look at chilled jazz styling’s. ‘Soul’ really shows off the vocal talents of the artist and with the help of some effects pushes the euphoric sounds, even though there is a bit of sadness showing through.
Now the third track ‘Straight And Narrow’ pushes the boundaries with sound, with effect laden vocals and silent pauses, slowly building layers of vocals before an organ style tune goes along with the vocals. It has the feel of 70’s synthesized music and just shows the music composition talents that have been brought to the EP.
We then pick up the pace with ‘Be Like You’, which sounds as if there is now backing singers, but you’d be wrong, more layers and effects pedals. Who needs a barber shop quartet when you can just do it yourself? This is a great track with a bit of funk and perfect rhythm with just using minor percussion in the back ground. This is my favourite track on the EP and because there is a great piano section in the middle which I found great so hats off to Mas Agua for this.
Last is the chilled drum and bass style track ‘Your Head, Your Bed (Towers Remix). This seems like a bit of fun was had by Mas Agua by mixing up the sounds and showing off his talents. It is a true underground sounding track and a great way to finish off the EP.
I would highly recommend to get this EP which is available on Bandcamp.com (http://masagua.bandcamp.com/album/mas-agua-e-p)
4-Stars4 Stars – Pure art in the form of Music

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