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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Veronika Vesper – Fuck The Ego – Track Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Cyber Space Pop is what this music is described as and this is the first single by Veronika Vesper.  Firstly let’s give you some info on the new Lady Gaga, she has been a classical flutist, rocker and electronic music performer and stems from a very creative family.  The single ‘Fuck the Ego’ is the first single by the pop queen and is a mix of heavy dance beats and trance style melodies and is definitely a big dance track and I can see it being played across clubs around the world.
But, what does seem to pull this apart from every other dance track is the talent and feeling of the vocals.  There is a classic mix of what many dance tracks have, but then they mix in the haunting vocal sections which have a nice sound and slow the track down and pull you in to the atmosphere being created.  The track is even more different than many dance tracks, as it has a meaning and a purpose.

‘Veronika Vesper is described as Idiosyncratic, fierce and rebellious, which probably explains the title of this track.  ‘Fuck the Ego’ is basically about the artists’ thoughts on ego, which she describes as “an illusion of separation from others and it’s a source of all suffering”.  The track is basically about these feelings of people’s ego but mixed in with heavy beats and euphoric sounds, with a mix of dance styles to create a new sound.

‘Fuck the Ego’ is creating waves here and across the pond, and even though on that Lady Gaga style of music, I think there is more to Veronika Vesper than just another pop queen, there is a darkness in her music and I think we are going to hearing a lot more from her.
This single is part of the forthcoming conceptual album ‘One’, but this track is available now via Digital Rebel.

Veronika Vesper on Facebook

4 Stars – A great track full of dark energy!

Originally Reviewed for GIGglePics but was unpublished before the site closed down.

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