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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

stickybackplastics – stickybackplastics EP – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Blues Rock band from York ‘stickybackplastics’ have released their self-titled début EP.  The three tracks really do give you a great feel for the style of music they are going for.  The EP is a totally stripped backed no nonsense affair, and the bands sound has some very heavy blues riffs but it also has a lot of folk overtones, including the vocals by Heather Niven, which flick between the two genres.  

The guitar is simple throughout; with well known blues style riffs and has a Garbage (the band) sense to them.  The styles of playing and sound do change like the wind through the songs, mostly in the first track ‘Vampire’.

‘Vampire’ with its slow melodic start, which is full of moody blues base and vocals, which do give a sense of a vampire film, before the guitar starts to come in.  It finally goes all out with a lot of cymbal action from drummer Don Smith.  In the centre of the track, about two minutes in it slows right down again, and the sound changes along with the vocals, before going back to the style of the beginning of the song.  It does feel like they are moving in an alternative style genre, with the vocals hinting on the Goth side of rock on this track.

Second song ‘Toxic Secret’ is slightly more upbeat at the start compared to the first and has a really good chorus.  The rolling melody is what pulls everything together, but the track is also moved along nicely by the vocals.   ‘Toxic Secret’ is still a mash of influences and styles brought together to make a unique but familiar sound.  The chorus to this track is the most upbeat part and really does remind me of music from the early nineties, with ‘The Cranberries’ and ‘Garbage’.

Last track ‘Ten Years’ is a much slower track and is more on the blues side, and has some really great guitar work in the chorus, and there is that folk influence in the back ground and can be felt in the entire track.  With the backing strings and a small part which is all folk (this is a simple line of the song before the final chorus) which really works nicely and it doesn't feel forced.  It has the biggest chorus of the three tracks, with much more folk, and more put in all round which is great.  There is then a silent section of a few seconds which I didn't really get why there needs to be such a big break before the music comes back, this is more of a production thing I think than anything to do with the song itself.

In all, this good début EP so an album would be greatly received I think.  With its raw feel it does work nicely, I think the tracks improve with each one, ending on the best of the three.  I do believe the band could do more and I will be keeping an eye on them, as they are certainly heading in the right direction.  With so many influences in the music I really did like what I heard, but the energy was missing in parts for me but I think this is just a personal preference only by thinking the sound was going to get bigger when it actually just mellowed out.  If they had the energy that is in ‘Ten Years’ in the other two tracks I would be praising it more.  Please go and check out ‘Sticky Back Plastics’.
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3 Stars - A solid three stars for the debut EP by 'stickybackplastics'

******Review Originally Written for Giggle Pics Music Reviews before shut-down*******

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