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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Courtesans – Lullaby – Track Review

The Courtesans – Lullaby – Track Review

Review by Tom Coombs

I have reviewed The Courtesans before when reviewing over at GIGgplePics, and you can read my review of the single ‘Genius’ here.  So it is a pleasure to check out their teaser track ‘Lullaby’ for their forthcoming album ‘1917’ coming in October.

The all female band’s music is a mix of rock and electronic with a very Goth heavy feel mixed with hints of pop and a hell of a lot of Erotica. The four Courtesans consist of Saffire Sanchez (Guitar), Agnes D. Jones (Bass), Victoria Brown (Drums) and the beautifully spooky but powerful vocals of Sinead La Bella.

 I had one thought the second I started listening to this track that this is one ‘Lullaby’ that is more likely to keep you awake in the dark then send you off to a peaceful land of sleep. The teaser track ‘Lullaby’ has been released on Sound Cloud and is full of ghostly vocals, harmonies and ethereal sounds that make it feel like a purely atmospheric dream with nightmarish tendencies.  The feeling that this track leaves you in is truly chilling and heart pounding with the heavy electronic drum beats and the all encompassing aura of the music.

The intro is simple but sets the tone for what is another brilliant song by the four ladies of London, and when the vocals of Sinead La Bella kick in it is just pure pleasure to listen to.  Even though this track is simpler than the last, it is so full of depth and power that you can’t stop listening to it.  This is a great contrast to the single ‘Genius and they complement each other perfectly, but ‘Lullaby’ has huge draw just on its own.

So now the ladies have teased you (easy now) it is definitely time for the album.  They have kept us on baited hooks long enough and as they describe themselves as addictive as Absinthe I think many people, myself included, are jonesing for more.  The album ‘1917’ was originally released to backers through PledgeMusic.com but now it will be released through Belle Epoque imprint on the 27th of October and will be available on global digital release and also physical CD.

5 Stars – Sleep Tight with ‘Lullaby’, yet another beautiful, trip-hop-rock track by The Courtesans.

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