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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lucy Evans – Peace in Silence – Track Review

Review by Tom Coombs

London based singer/song-writer Lucy Evans mixes acoustic sounds with delicate vocals that compliment the beautiful sound that combines to make clear and outstanding music.  The talent behind the themes is just something to behold.

The track came out in May 2014 and deserves every bit of recognition it gets.  Following on from the EP ‘Feels like Home’ comes the amazingly written ‘Peace in Silence’ and it is truly a wonderful chilled acoustic track with guitar, piano and Lucy’s vocals which are just angelic to listen to.

The video for the track (below) really matches the themes of the music and is really telling a story behind the song.  With the soft focusing and shades of white on everything, even down to the sunlight streaming in which emphasises the soft feel of the whole scene.

The track is very much like the video, soft edgings with real heart thrown in, the simple but perfect guitar work at the beginning sets the scene with the vocals coming in straight away.  Then the piano comes in which is still simple but makes this a graceful elegant track from beginning to end.  If you like acoustic style love songs from great female singers then I can’t fault it.  It is not in your face, heavy but is just beautiful to listen to, and really gets deep into your soul.

‘Peace in Silence’ is available on Bandcamp now and is worth more than the low price.

Lucy Evans on Facebook - Lucy Evans on Twitter - Lucy Evans on Bandcamp

3 Stars – A beautiful simple track but with outstanding musical talent from voice to piano, just a perfect relaxed song.

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