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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fluent In Grey – Lost – Track Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Fluent in Grey came on to the scene this year when singer/songwriter Anna Marcella joined forces with producer/guitarist Simon Langford and made a sound with an electronic and indie pop feel.  They are joined by Marco Italia on the heavy bass and Phil Page completing this awesome new sound on drums.

Their début track is ‘Lost’ is what has come from this epic collaboration, the flowing melody from Anna Marcella’s vocals and the combination of all the elements brings a sound out of this world.  It has a strong yet subtle flow which just blows the boundaries of your hearing.  This is music at the edge of reality, going from the light and airy sounds to the dark edges of musicality.

The ghostly vocals of Anna are pure mind bending perfection and the whole sound makes your hairs stand up.  The music will edge it’s way deep in your mind and pull you in with every epic hook. To top off this amazing track is that it was produced by award-winning multi-instrumentalist and mixer Brett Shaw (Daughter, Clean Bandit, Florence & The Machine).

‘Fluent In Grey’ play their debut live gig on the 27th of November at Surya in London and have a full list of shows coming up 12th Dec - The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, 10th Feb - Cafe 1001, London and 4th March - Blueberry Bar, London.  They are also heading back into the studio in January to record their debut EP for release in Spring of 2015.

Fluent In Grey on YouTube - Fluent In Grey on Facebook - Fluent In Grey on SoundCloud

4 Stars – The maximum for a Single but what a track. 'Lost' is reality bending dreams hidden within euphoric sounds.

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