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Sunday, December 14, 2014

NephLon Don Ft. Miles Davis, Royce Rizzy & DJ YRS Jerzy - Gone Get It – Track Review

Review by Tom Coombs

This is the third track from the new calibration between NephLon Don and DJ YRS Jerzy, and this time they have brought some friends including Tommy Ross to produce.

This is a slower paced track, and has some real feeling in the lyrics, the hooks are strong without being in your face.  The beat is heavy but still works with this more subtle rhythm.

It is great to get some good honest rap, going back to the old school days of rap from the 90’s, it also has a great chorus from Miles Davis which adds some magic to an already inspiring track.  This is more main stream than ‘Fuck Em if they Hate’ which was the first track I reviewed for NephLon Don but it is still an original sound and scores top marks for adding some freshness into a style of music.

I am looking forward to an album or EP from this great combination of talent.

3 Stars - Another great rap track for all those true rap fans.

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