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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Starts Hill – Grace – Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Do you fancy some new style rock & roll, well go no further than the full on energy filled track ‘Grace’ by South East London rockers ‘Starts Hill’.

Con Barclay (Guitar / Vocals), Ben Bardsley Ball (Drums) and Charlie Hawkins  (Bass) make up the three piece band. Back in August they released their debut single which is available for free download over at Soundcloud and what a track it is.

It really is a classic rock track which smashes straight in to blast your brain with a riff that you just want to praise.  It has the funk of the rock & roll era of rock, but also puts a more recent sound in to it, to make this a modern version of an age old genre.  The beat and rhythm of the track are outstanding and is one you need to be jumping up and down to at a gig.  It is a strong track musically and goes to show the talent in the trio.

Now down to the vocals from Con Barclay.  I will be honest, they took some getting used to, not that they are bad but there is no mistaking that this is a English band, no covering of accents here.  And this is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but the vocals verge on a more classic punk style.  After a few listens of the track Con grew on me and now I couldn't think of a better vocal style for this track and putting the great music and the vocals together works seamlessly.

It is a superb all round blast of rock, from a new and upcoming band.  They are currently working on their début EP which is nearly ready for recording I can’t wait to add it to my review list.  I really want to hear what these boys can do.

3 Stars – A full on Rock & Roll track with modern hints, a great start but I think more can come.

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  1. Great track sounds really fresh energy