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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Forever Still – Scars – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Copenhagen based band ‘Forever Still’ have released their début EP ‘Scars’ and it is a true full on female led rock EP.  The band are made up of Maja Schønning (Vocals), Mikkel Haastrup (Bass/Guitar), Dennis Post (Guitar) and Jens Berglid (Drums).  Their style is very similar to Evanescence without the more operatic feel but still have that very heavy side.  One thing that jumps out is the powerful seductive vocals of Maja making the sound unique.  They mix rock vocals, with classic vocals and also mixing in hooks which break the norm, and it sounds great.

First track is the title track, ‘Scars’.  From the first second you are hit with heavy distorted guitar and smashing beats, so you know what you are in for from the first heartbeat.  Then Maja’s vocals blast in, and the power in them is amazing and you are dragged in.  Now you are hypnotised, there is no turning back and the heavy side of the track hits you in the face.  There is a great hook in the track with metal written all over it’s face, but before your brain explodes the chorus comes back in and you can calm yourself.  A fantastic a ride to start with.

Next up is the showcase track, the one that shows the diversity in the music.  ‘Once Upon A Nightmare’ starts with a simple guitar riff and distorted background vocals before the louder sound blasts through.  There seems to be some electro sounds brought into this track too, which really adds to the build of sounds.  It still has that almighty build up that the first track has and the chorus is strong and powerful, it is a slower track than the first but still has some great riffs and hooks in there.  And they are mixed together with every bit of awesomeness there is.

The final track is probably my favourite of the EP, ‘Miss Madness’ starts nice and slow and has this epic anthem feel with riffs that kick off the track and the subtle voice of Maja is beautiful to hear.  When it gets louder it still has what is an acoustic feel even though rock guitar heavy.  It adds in a simple piano riff which opens this up to make it a more airy sound but not in a bad way.  This is song writing and direction at it’s best and I can’t fault a thing, and the ending riff is a blast from 80’s past, just give it a listen.  The power in the vocals, the musicianship of every member and even the production is perfection.

This is an all around amazing début EP from the Copenhagen based ‘Forever Still’. ‘Scars’ is three tracks every rock fan should have.  If you are fan of Evanescence and similar bands this is definitely for you, but goes into more heavier rock which will be great for anyone into the heavy side of the rock genre.  Produced engineered, mixed and mastered by Mikkel Haastrup and written by Mikkel Haastrup and Maja Schønning.  All credit for Photography and Design go to Maja Schønning. Is there anything she can’t do.

To buy 'Scars' head over to Bandcamp click here! 

5 Stars - A faultless EP, powerful, Rocking and Epic, what more do you need.

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