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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Communion – Holding On To You/Lines We Walk – Single Review

 Review by Tom Coombs

‘Communion’ are a ‘Alternative dark pop’ band based in and around Bristol and their debut single release ‘Holding onto You’ and new track ‘Line We Walk’ are out now.  These are not an A or B side but they were released so close together it was easier for me to stick them together as they complement each other perfectly.

First off is début ‘Holding onto You’, the track is definitely on the dark moody side of pop rock, with guitars, drums and a bit of synth action making up the sound.  The vocals are simple and airy with piano starting the track off.  The chorus is simple but as it is played so slowly it really does add some atmosphere to the song.  It is definitely ballsy to kick off your music release with such a melodic and dark track with a simple feel to it, rather than the normal up beat or complex number you get from many emerging bands.  But I think it was a good call, as ‘Communion’ certainly have a very unique sound and certainly introduces everyone to it.

The latest single is ‘Lines We Walk’ and really pulls in everything you could, to make a majestic original sound that shoves their style right in your ears.  It is like listening to some early Genesis tracks, with the heavy drums and electro feel to the whole track, especially later in the song.  There is a great guitar hook that really smashes this song away ahead of the debut.  You really need to check both these tracks out.

‘Communion’ are a band to watch closely, these guys could go far if they carry on producing such a great sound and energy.

2 Stars – Holding onto You - Half the marks for a single, but it has room to grow.

3 Stars – Line We Walk - A massive leap in sound and energy, they pulled out the stops for this one!

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