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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tape Runs Out – Friends/Flowers – Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

I would like to introduce you to indie-pop outfit ‘Tape Runs Out’ the five peace band are Liam Goodrum-Bell - Vocals/Guitar/Samples, Richard Barker – Guitar, Yasmin Prebble - Keyboard/Melodica/Glockenspiel, Ellie Winter - Hammered Dulcimer/Backing Vocals and Hélène Dufour on Bass.  The band hail from Cambridge and have released their debut single ‘Friends/Flowers’ which is out now.

The double track release works nicely with these two songs, both with a dreamy ethereal sound that makes you wonder if this is all in your head and is just being pumped directly into your mind.

The first and shortest track, only two minutes twenty, is ‘Friends’ which starts with some hypnotising sounds that could come straight from a 60’s Start Trek episode, then the music really comes in and gives you this catchy but calm melody.  The vocals soon come in after, which have that Spandau Ballet and Simon & Garfunkel feel, with that spoken and sung sound that give it a sound of such talented ease.  Not saying the music is the same as mentioned acts but just think of this when listening and you won’t think I’m mad. ‘Friends’ is a catchy and fast track but still has a very relaxed feel.  It is a really nice put together song and pulls in backing vocals which all comes together like magic.

The second track ‘Flowers’ is different from the first but compliments with perfection, starting off with a dream like sound of bird song and waves from the seaside played backwards through a tape deck and a phone ringing, then the guitar and percussion come in to the forefront.  The vocals are dreamier in this and hang in the background of the controlled chaos of the music.  It so relaxing I could have closed my eyes and been taken on a journey through the rabbit hole.

This is a great start with a perfectly sounding couple of tracks that would really go down well with people who love the feelings music gives them.

‘Tape Runs Out’ début single ‘Friends/Flowers’ is out now and is available through Ear to Records, just click here.

4 Stars – A dream like state captured in a whirlpool of sounds.

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