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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Malka – The Constant State – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

The Constant State is a mainly DIY project with a little help from Grammy Award winning engineer Butch Jones of Talking Heads, Iggy Pop and Madonna fame.  Coming direct from New York city this four piece psychedelic dream pop rock band are definitely on the top of their game with their sound.

I listen to so much music with this job that it can become just part of the job and I rarely add something to my personal collection that lives mostly in my car, but this is one seven track EP  has found a place in my CD collection.  It’s relaxed chilled out air with a spot mystery is just right up my street and something I could really listen to over and over again.  With not just synth work and bringing drums and guitars into the mix really makes a massive sound.

The four piece band Malka is made up of Darko Saric (guitars, synths & vocals), Mike Dawson (drums), EJ DeCoste (guitars, synths & vocals) and David Ciauro (bass & vocals) and they have come together to create something incredible.  The harmonised vocals are outstanding and first track really smashes the barriers of dream-pop and rock adding two elements that are blending together with perfection.  A Flock of Crows is a amazing start to this on the cusp EP, with it’s Seven tracks of beautifully crafted sounds.

The second track which is the longest running in at just under six and a half minutes is mix of sounds which creates a whole landscape of imagination with the music.  Starting with a simple riff and drums in the back ground it soon becomes slowly bigger with ethereal sounds creeping in.  It then transforms into opening of something from U2. Now if you follow my writing you may know I don’t like U2 but as a guitar player I am always love the magic from The Edge.  The big sounds a effects are great and smash it into another thing.  It slows and speeds up as the track goes on, and the vocal effects that are used make this a superb track and add the crazed wonder that it brings to the forefront of your mind.  So many sounds and effects are put together that it should be a complete mess but just opens this up into something Pink Floyd would be proud of.  Craziness mixed together to create wonder.

So what moves Malka and The Constant State away from other dream-pop bands hitting the scene worldwide, well apart from having their own sound that mixes genres they mix English and Spanish vocals, now I don’t speak Spanish I am an ignorant Englishman, but even though I don’t understand ,literally, I understand it all musically and it just simply works beautifully.  The cultural mixes also show in the music and it adds to the different sound of Malka.  Along with the genre changes just in one song is what brought the band into my personal collection on just one listen.

From track to track they bring everything with them and are smashing it every time.  Malkas debut EP ‘The Constant State’ is out now and is available over on Band Camp (link below).

5 Stars – Synths, guitars and muscicality at it’s best, what more do you need

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