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Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Copy for Collapse - Waiting For - Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Hailing from Bari in Italy comes the chillwave, electro, synth-pop sounds of ‘A Copy for Collapse’ with second album ‘Waiting For’ out on No Sense of Place Records.

This ten track album is a great mix of synth-pop with a Euphoric dance sound, catchy beats and rhythms all blended together to make one great sound.  This is my first listen to Chillwave and even the word is new to me.  It does seem that anything with this style of beats gets put in the genre and it has been said, most of the genre isn't really that good.  If this is the case then they need to take note of ‘A Copy for Collapse’ who have created a airy synth filled journey.
Like much electronic music it can be repetitive and not something I would just sit and listen to.  It creates a mood around you and would be great to put on whilst relaxing with friends after a heavy night out.
Kicking off the album ‘Waiting For’ is the title track which starts like a Daft Punk track that could have easily be used in the film Tron.  The repeating keyboard melody  runs throughout and it is a nice place to start as it slowly builds up the sound with bass, beats and distorted synth sounds.  I have images of glow sticks and slow motion jumping around in a cramp club or outdoor rave.  It certainly pulls on these elements and is always good for music to create a picture in your mind.
There are a few tracks that step out from the crowd here, ‘Waiting For’ being one of them and then
closely followed by ‘Alone’ with its wavy synth and heavy layered beats and added looped vocals of the electronic duo Daniele Raguso and Aria Myrskya. ‘Dusk’ made me pay attention with its electronic rock drums and distorted melody and then adds in some great fast paced beats, this is one of the faster tracks on the album.
I want to mention the seventh track ‘Light’, it is a great track that just made me think of Daft Punk which I am a fan, early Daft not later pop Daft.  It is a nicely chilled but a hugely deep song.  The heavy distorted start of ‘No failure’, which is below so give it a listen, is on the same wavelength as ‘Light’ and just builds up the sounds all the way through.
Each track is different and changes up everything, so this isn't one big repeat.  It is all based around a simple sound but something really nice comes from it.

3 Stars - A deeply layered masterpiece of relaxed Euphoric sounds

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