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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Panophonic – Broken as we Are – Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Coming to your from the US, not me, this album from Tom Lugo AKA Panophonic an electro indie solo act, with very strong musicality but sadly it doesn't hold up to other music in the genre.

Hailing from the Eastern US in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Panophonic blends, pop song-writing, bleeps, ethereal guitar, soundscapes and samples to create a world on blended sounds.

Tom Lugo has been performing for years and working with different bands since 1998 with his company Paterico Productions.  He is also well known on the underground scene with festival appearances along with many other shows.

This is a ten track album, filled with electronic beats and noises and samples, with what is classed as floating vocals.  Sadly the floating vocals is what doesn't work with the sound of the music, they move around all over the place and there seems to be so much changing of them that they seem more out of tune with every word.  Some tracks this is covered up by the sounds, but I think the spoken word vocals don't work.  Is it because of putting effects on the vocals that makes them seem off to the great music of the tracks? maybe.

It is a shame as I was really looking forward to listening to the album ‘Broken as we Are’ and it has some good feedback from others, so am I missing something.  I would say that change the vocals on the recordings and really listen to every note and make sure they match up, but what seems a very art laden project is let down by how it blends together.  Like I mentioned, the music composition is brilliant and sounds good but the vocals have let down every track for me.  Some tracks it pulls it off better than others regarding the vocals but the songs are similar so it hard to pull them apart.

Maybe I am wrong and it is just me, but do give the tracks a listen and then make your own mind up on this one.  But for me I wouldn't recommend.
2 stars - Great musicality and composition but sadly the vocals let it down for me.

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