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Monday, August 31, 2015

We Came As Strangers - Eyedom - Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

With influences from Massive Attack to Portishead and some nods to other artists, super group ‘We Came As Strangers’ are back with their third studio album ‘Eyedom’ which is out NOW! Like the groups first two albums ‘Eyedom’ was created from scratch, as the band entered the studio with nothing written, not even a lyric on paper.  Two weeks later they emerged with a fully formed album.

Title track ‘Eyedom’ kicks off proceedings, with light classic guitar work and a pulsing electro sounds and effects and the airy calls of singer Ellem you are eased into their world.  It slowly builds up the sounds, with some atmospheric piano and other background sounds.  Then the vocals come in with a huge base line, which still keeps that airy feel.  The vocals really stand out in this song and are just exquisite on the ears.  It is only just over two minutes long but this is a perfect introduction to the album.

The band itself is made up of Justin Sandercoe, Owen Thomas, Tim Harries and Ellem who are all professionals in their own right in the world of music, so to come together as this super group to create not one but three albums is just brilliant to behold.  And I felt how super they are when I got to track three.

‘Adrenaline’ is a build up of the two songs before and is more my style as brings in an indie rock sound but still keeps that electro-pop avant-garde that ‘We Came As Strangers’ do so well.  This is a mash up of genres and I for one love it and is one of the bigger tracks on the album.  This followed by single release ‘Still Life’ which you can see the review here, or watch the music video below.
Fifth song ‘Recess’ has a great use of guitar, playing the melody, with the vocals layered over the top, the background melody changes and builds as the song goes with the the vocals over the top, that in theory shouldn't go.  But somehow they just sound great, I have no idea why or how, they just go, which just goes to show the talent of all the bands members.  This is followed by ‘Trouble’, which made me think of one thing, Alanis Morisette anyone? The song could be straight out her song book, and even Ellem’s vocals could be Alanis's in this song, but don’t get me wrong I love this song.

I do have to mention, ninth song, which is called ‘Nine’ now I am unsure but it does seem no one could think of a title.  The track is all music with Ellem’s vocals consisting of sounds of her taking a breath about to sing.  So brain block all round it seems but has made a great instrumental track.  Bravo.

This ten track masterpiece finishes with ‘Carousel’, a nice little song that nicely closes out this wonder of musical talent.  Every band member has their time on this album and no one is in the forefront.  Even though the vocal talents of Ellem are outstanding and really do draw me in.  I for one will be adding this to my permanent music collection.

So go and check this two week’s very well spent album ‘Eyedom’ by super group ‘We Came As Strangers’ now and grab yourselves a copy, I can’t see a reason not to.

'Eyedom' is available now over on iTunes right here or from Amazon as below.

5 Stars – The best two weeks ever spent to create a ten track masterpiece.

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