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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sykoya - Here - EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

New on the electronic indie scene comes ‘Sykoya’ and their début EP ‘Here’ a four track masterpiece.

The band are fronted by Anna Marcella of Fluent in Grey fame and her new project has brought a new sound helped along the way by Alejandro Bonatto on Keyboards, Curtis ElVidge on drums and Eduardo Leal on Bass and backing vocals.  The first thing that will hit you is Anna’s amazing passionate but euphoric vocals, they carry so much but flow like a river.  There is some great bass and lots of heavy layering going on throughout and all the sounds merge in a way that you couldn't think of them being without each other.

The four track EP ‘Here’ kicks off with ‘Closer’ a vibrant and resonating flow of sound carried through by Anna’s vocals.  The track is a certainly heavy on the euphoric, as is chilled out but still hits everything was a bass line that is heavier than you realise at first.  It is a nice and groove filled start to the début.  Next up on the menu is title song ‘Here’, this starts much simpler than the previous song, and the melody is more of an extra with the vocals pulling the song through the intro. But when the main part kicks in and it could be a well known pop and dance track, this is the feeling it gives me, with a simple but catchy beat.  It feels like a superstar DJ has come and remixed something else, but this is how it should sound so hats off to ‘Sykoya’ for their perfect production.

The third morsel plated up for tasting is ‘Shiver’, which runs along the similar styles and feeling to the last two, with that simple pulled back intro before throwing in the heavy and faster beat.  However Unlike the earlier tracks it doesn't grow too big here and keeps it low key only pulling it up a notch in the final minute. To finish of this pure piece of indie-electronic art comes ‘Breathe’ which stays with the beautiful sound that the whole EP is pulsing with; the flow of every note is just resplendent to the end.  It keeps to the more low key regarding bass line and has some really nice creepy synth later in the track that works perfectly with the vocals.

This is a début, which normally makes you think a first outing, but this is a masterpiece of performance and production, from true artistic talent.

'Here' is out now on iTunes, grab a copy here.

5 Stars – Four Piece band with a four track indie-electro masterpiece

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