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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Berne - Conversation - EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

After the greatly received second single ‘In The Woods’ by London based Maltese singer-songwriter Berne comes the EP this single was from ‘Conversation’.  This four song début is filled with different melodic sounds and growing build ups of an orchestral feel making Berne a artist to keep an eye on.
‘Conversation’ starts proceedings with oddly named song ‘Espresso-oh’, which starts with a simple piano melody and Berne’s clear and flowing vocals.  The song has fun lilt to it with the music slowly building adding more and more instruments to each verse and chorus.  It has a great use of strings and really fills every spectrum of the sound pulling you into every note. The whole song is laid back and beautiful, the vocal talents of Berne are outstanding and the music is just the icing on a very large impressive cake.

Second song ‘In The Woods’ (track is below) was the dark and brooding single that was released last month, check out our full single review here.  This is closely followed by ‘Lights’, the longest song on the EP which starts with beautiful sounding piano, then a heavy electro bass line is brought in with fast paced vocals, it really puts you on edge come across with some urgency.  But don’t get used to this music because everything is about to be changed up.  The song just changes to more dramatic feel vocals and music alike before the music changes again but after a couple of minutes the song goes away.  Leaving only an eerie re-verb guitar sound and spooky piano in the background, now this goes on a while, I'm sure with a visual aid it would make more sense, artistically it is fine, musically it just gets a little lost and takes away from the song.  The song does start up again, with a different melody and changes the whole thing up again.   Even though a mishmash of music it does work, even though a bit oddly.

The fourth and final song is ‘The Scene’, which is my favourite of the EP and a great way to end.  I love piano in any song but I love it in this the subtle sound of it just creates the scene.  And when mixed with the vocals of Berne you really get drawn in.  The song has a very dramatic feel and the chorus is a bigger sound but still keeps within the boundaries of the verses but builds it slightly.
‘Conversation’ is out on the 13th of November and even if I haven’t sold it to you then still give it a try and I don’t believe anyone could be disappointed.

4 Stars - From start to finish this EP is dramatic, dark, heartfelt and beautiful.

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