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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lights That Change - Starlight - Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

The dream pop trio of Marc Joy, Mandy Clare and John Bryan are back with Lights That Change’s new single ‘Starlight’ out now.  They are doing what they do best with a relaxed ethereal sound with perfectly sounding flowing vocals and warped guitar effects.

The song ‘Starlight’ is very simple, but is done to perfection for the genre.  I do feel as a single this song is a bit lost and doesn't really bring anything new to what has come before.  This still is a lovely sounding track and you can’t fault what it is but it doesn't make me want more.  As part of a bigger thing then great but not a single I’d go for, especially after ‘Voices’ earlier in the year.

If you are fan of ‘Lights That Change’ or Dream-Pop in general then you will love it and will be right up your street but with large amount out there as part of this genre then it needs to bring it all and personally i do not think it does.

2 Stars - Great for the genre and what it is, but doesn't stand out in the sea of dreams.

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