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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Velvet Morning - Damocles/No Walls - Singles Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Some Velvet Morning were founded in North London and have gone from strength to strength releasing two albums and have even been recognised within the media with TV and even Hollywood using their music. 

An early version of the bands track ‘How to Start a Revolution’ was used in the trailer for movie ‘Kick-Ass’ back in 2010.  I remember this track as was reviewing movies at the time but the band name has only just come to my attention with the release of two singles which starts the year of singles from the band.  Desmond Lambert (vocals, guitar), Gavin Lambert (bass, vocals) and Robert Flanagan (drums) are releasing a single a month and it really kicks off in March with third release and their headline show at The Roundhouse in Camden, check out the details on our events page here.

The first release was ‘Damocles’ the band's mix of classic rock and 80’s pop really come out in the song, but the 80’s styling’s at the forefront.  The song starts with a heavy bass line and smashing beats.  It is this mix of pop and rock that stands the music out but it isn't pop/rock which is a genre to itself.  The vocals are on the cusp of Depeche Mode area, it is all you love from pop and rock mixed and then given a heavy modern feel.  The song is very catchy and sits with you long after a listen.  And you will start singing along straight away.  Released on the 8th of January, it is available now.

The second track to be released and coming on the 5th of February is ‘No Walls’.  The song starts similar with another heavy bass line, but that is the only comparison, it adds some funky disco guitar and it goes it a totally different direction.  ‘No Walls’ pulls heavy on the pop to start but changes it up later on.  The vocals are great; the composition of the disco style is awesome.  But wait until the hook, it feels like Marilyn Manson just walked into the studio and ripped up this disco joy and made it a dirty mix of the same song.  It was not expected and this really brought this track out in front, with two genres not mixed but smashed into each other.  The dirty guitar riff of the two hooks makes this for me, but only works because of the two themes running through this three minute fifty song.

Check out both songs via the Soundcloud plugins below.

3 Stars - Damocles - Great mix of 80’s pop, rock with a modern mix

4 Stars - No Walls - Not heard a better hook, two genres in one, brought together brilliantly

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