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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yearly Review - Top 5 of 2015

By Tom Coombs

It is that time of year again, when I tell you my top 5 of the year.  It has become quite a monumental occasion, it is also only Albums and EP’s that get in the list, not just top reviewed and it has not been an easy choice to only pick 5, but they all seem to be EP's in 2015.  This is the first time I have done this for Genius Babble Music and it has been an honour to pass my thoughts on to you over the year and I am looking for another great year for 2016.  I already know of one amazing album coming in January, that I hope gets to next year's list. So below is the Top 5 of 2015 on GBM, let me know if you agree or not.  
Follow the links on the EP name to check out the reviews.

Starting at Number 5 is Starts Hill and there self titled début EP.  The band's gritty styling with some great classic rock mixed together with memorable riffs thrown in it was the only way to start the best five.  After a single release they blew me away with the release, it showed everything you want from the genre.

Number 4 is staying on the rock side of music and going Headway.  The mixing of American and British blues was something old school but still fresh and made a unique but well known sound.  With some groovy 60’s, country and heavy blues riffs, I couldn't fault the sound.  And with the strong female vocals just made this a must have EP.

Stepping into the Number 3 slot is Canterbury singer/songwriter Emily Watts and her chilled out emotional EP ‘From the Blue’.  With the beautiful vocals at the forefront of every track and the amazing but simple piano melodies was great to hear.  With some sneak hooks and acoustic jazz styling’s it had to go on the list.

Number 2 is an 'The Constant State' by ‘Malka’ was just so different for me that I loved it.  The dream pop, rock band took this listener on a journey through dreams.  With lots of synths and guitar, surrounded by effects and harmonised vocals they have taken your imagination and stuck it in the music. 

So who could be Number 1? Well it will be from a band that have their début album out very soon, do go and check the review out here.  But they blew everyone at GBM away with their two EP’s of 2015 but one shot above the other.  ‘Save Me’ by rockers ‘Forever Still’ was just amazing, with only 3 tracks it just delivered without fault or apology.  Each complimented the other and really showed what ‘Forever Still’ was capable of.  With my favourite track of the year ‘Breath In’ there was only one contender for the number one spot. I recommend checking them out if you haven’t already; they have something for everyone and have a great female vocalist in Maja Shining but the whole band come together with just full on gnarly rock energy.  So because of this, we have upgraded the star rating to the once a year 6 Stars!! 

2016 already looks like it could be another good year in music so come back soon and I would like to thank all our readers and the bands who send us music to review because without both of you we wouldn't be here doing what we love.  On behalf of all the GBM team and its contributors and myself I would like to say Thank You!

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  1. Good choice, Flawless Carbon are brilliant. Saw them at the hop fest in Faversham. They write a lot of their own songs, hopefully this will be their year.