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Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Cruel Goro – Stuff – EP Review

By Tom Coombs

The three piece Italian-Icelandic trio are back after their teaser track ‘Lost E’ with the full sophomore EP ‘Stuff’. Out now and available on Bandcamp as a free download and featuring single ‘Lost E’ (which we reviewed right here) the band are certainly on the up.
The five track EP is a showcase of the great things about the band, with great riffs and high energy songs from start to finish, and really, what more do you need. 

Starting with song ‘It’s Fake’ which is a good opener and eases you in to the alternative rock journey the band are leading you on. After single ‘Lost E’ previously released, you get a great American style rock song ‘Black Trash Bag’ which is full of hooks and loops that reminded me of such bands as The Offspring, but this gives it an updated feel.

The quality in every song doesn’t slide at all and just keeps on getting better with each track, like ‘Loverdose’ which is another high energy catchy rock song that powers on through with such pace. The track has some great guitar riffs and the guitars are at the forefront throughout but the vocals are still there and everything can be heard nicely. ‘My Cruel Goro’ complete this full on EP with ‘I’m Not From This World’ which smashes the sound all the way to the end.

You will be hooked the minute you listen to this EP, so head over to Bandcamp now and grab yourself a copy.

4 Stars – Alternative rock on a Sophomore EP that has already graduated

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