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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Courtesans - Better Safe Than Sober - EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

The Ladies of London are back with fan funded EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ which we got a copy off a fan to check it out (we gave it back ,then I went over and funded them).  It has been a while since I have reviewed anything from the band and was great to hear them again and on top form as ever.
One thing you get with the foursome is a true feel of darkness within the music which starts with ‘The Tide’ and something I haven’t heard from the band before, the spoken word, which was really nice to hear, it was pure London poetry. It wasn’t expected but was really something that I am glad they have added.  I feel it would have been a risk as could quite easily not work but it really does for them and the music.  The song is a great start to this journey, you get everything you desire from the band, the heavy guitar work, bass and rhythm section that all moulds it all together perfectly.  Then add in the vocals of a Siren and you won't be disappointed.

One song that really stuck out is ‘Knowhere’ which is like listening to the female Marilyn Manson, the gothic styling’s just bleed across the spectrum.  I picked up the comparison because the amazing riff flowing through and even the vocals have a touch of the Manson but is still original but does bring in those creeped out but drawn in feel. “Feel The Same’ follows on which really pushes the rap styling vocals, and they are bigger part of the song.  The sound builds from the start and quickly you are hit with the heavy guitar for the chorus but the verses are pulled back which make a change with the sound but it really stays with the style of the music throughout.

“Mesmerise” comes across as what I hear with The Courtesans, that sultry muse of passion coming across with the electronic backing mixed in with the bands sounds, the vocals just flowing at you.  The sound then explodes around you before being drawn back in.  It is more of an experience than just listening.

Finishing up and the most emotional sounding is fifth song ‘John Doe’.  It has a simple riff and the vocals to start with; it stays like this for a large portion of the track.  The loudest bit is the heavy beats from drummer Vikki Frances.  It does build up more but stays on this dark melody, which is odd to finish an EP not going big but actually drawing it all back in to finish.  But the way the songs fit together really work and it is a treat to hear.

The EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ was funded by fans on PledgeMusic and they even went over the target, which is a great way to create music and just shows the love that the band have.  The Courtesans really are their namesake they draw you in, entertain you until it is time to end.  A great UK band and one to get involved with (in a music way I meant).

Check them out on the links below and then get yourself over to the following link and get a copy of the EP @ pledgemusic.com/projects/courtesans-ep.

5 Stars - The Sirens of rock are back with the best yet!

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