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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Merrym’n - Merrym'n Of The Five Towns – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Let me introduce you to Merrym’n a singer-songwriter from Stoke-on-Trent who has the tag line “a Stoke-on-Trent pop song project”.  He is a one man band who writes, records and releases songs straight from his home in the Potteries.

The five track EP which is available from Bandcamp as well as other online outlets and is a home grown sounding folk pop, with a mix of heavy electric guitar and mellow folk beats and melodies. Starting with a short intro track ’47 Bottle Kilns’ is a slow melodic start and does really just introduce the style of the music.  It finishes with something that shows that this is made in the Potteries.  The first full track is ‘Ashtrays In The Antiques Fair’, not the most normal track name but the song is actually better than you think and it just works great.  Merrym’n is a story teller and that is what each song is doing, telling you a bit of the story.  It even has some heavy blues distortion on layered guitars for part a nicely placed hook.

‘Anna Of The Five Towns’ is a slow heavy folk styled song but does still keep it in the pop genre, it has a really nice riff that flows through and flowing airy vocals when there is no singing.  But then we get into a rock n’ roll English style with ‘Driptray Serenade’ which is another great song title.  This is fast paced song compared to the others and is really listenable.  It is a good drinking song, even if it shouldn’t be.

To close this self produced EP is ‘Elsie Saw a Ghost’, which is off the bat all eerie and slow with ghostly electro sounds running through. It does pick up slightly about half way through with distorted guitars and heavy beats but keeps to a really nice pace and is a good fun end to this odd but fascinating EP.

For a home built project I was amazed, I was not expecting much to be honest what has been produced is just really nice to here and do go and check it out on the Bandcamp link below.

3 Stars – Odd but fun and well executed songs, an explosion of homemade wonder

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