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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Inconsistent JukeBox - Bold Ego Fledgling - Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

What happens when a musician from Wakefield puts a mix of odd sounds together smashes in some jaw harp adds a beat and then tops it off with Ang Kerfoot? Well you create a hit. Obviously.

From the start you think this is insane and just shouldn’t work but Barry Snaith just puts it together in a way that actually makes this electronic mess work amazingly.  This is my first listen to ‘The Inconsistent Jukebox’ and if the new single “Bold Ego Fledging, feat. Ang Kerfoot” is anything to go by he has found a formula that really just works.

It is a full on heavy bass track and hits on a hip hop styled beat mixed with dance accents which make up a funky top track from start to finish.

The single is out now on Supersonic Media and will be available from all good and evil online stores. Including iTunes right here. 

4 Stars - Max single review! Insane noise that works brilliantly

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