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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Narratones - So Wrong - Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Let me introduce you to a four piece indie rock band from Kent who have shot up over the last few years and have a formula like no other for full on catchy tunes.  Made up of James (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan (lead guitar, vocals), Darren (Bass Guitar) and Matt (Drums) these guys have come together and have created something which would be hard to beat.

They have recently released debut single ‘So Wrong’ and is available at all good and evil online stores including this one right here.  The first thing I took from this Brit Pop song was how infectious the whole thing is, straight from the start you will be hooked.  It really took me back to the early days of Oasis and Blur and even to later bands like the Arctic Monkeys, but this is not a song stuck in the past.  They have taken all the best bits and have then added an original feel and they have obviously found the right formula.

With this style of music you want energy, fun, lots of guitar and a fast beat you want to be able to sing along after one chorus and here you can have it all in one song.  They have created a band anthem.

The production is spot on and is duplicated in live performances so this isn’t just created in a studio; this is what the Narratones are all about. They are 100% the real thing, the only question is why are these guys not further along and being picked up by a label.  One thing that is missing from the larger world of UK music scene is a fun party creating band, which these guys are.

Soon to be releasing their debut EP, I am sure we will be back with this also, but for now go pick up a copy (download) of “So Wrong”, and give it a listen below.

4 Stars - Top Single Marks!! Energy filled, infectious Brit Pop for the modern era

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  1. Well said Tom, we totally agree!! Love listening to these guys....