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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Twilight Fields - Further Up, Further In! - Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

‘Futher Up, Further In!’ is the debut album by North Bay, Canada based trio Twilight Fields, fronted by Allister Thompson, with Teri-Lynn Janveau and Tim Timleck on drums. Between them they have an outstanding musical life.  So coming together should create something amazing? Right.

Okay so you may think I am about to dismiss the whole album, this is the not the case, I was unsure what I was going to hear with this album.  I have come in fresh with no history of any previous works and what I heard was something from the past.  Twilight Fields are a progressive rock band, many genres have come from out of this, shoegaze, dream pop the list is endless, with the mixture of folk, rock and psychedelic tendencies it is easy to make more out of a genre.  But progressive rock it is, but these days is it actually that progressive or a sound we have heard before?

Twilight Fields have created something from the 70’s with modern twists and turns, like second song “Stars, as they fall” which is just an instrumental with a heavy electronic feel.  Followed straight into the title track of the album which reminded me of the Counting Crows with the heavier emphasis on the folk side.  The twelve track album runs very much along the folk side and with influences such as Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, The Church, The Waterboys and Midnight Oil you can understand what you are going to get from this album. 

Not to say it is bad, it has some amazing hooks, guitar solos but I do believe the music isn’t the issue, the vocals sometimes get lost and do not blend nicely with the music, they work well with the classic styled songs but the minute the song veers in the more modern style the vocals seem to me like they don’t go.  The soft rolling vocal style simply just doesn’t work with the more modern sounding songs.

‘Further Up, Further In!’ by Twilight Fields is out now and is available at all good and evil online retailers including right here. 

3 Stars - Progressive rock heavy on the folk with great sounds but not as good as the talent creating it

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