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Sunday, December 4, 2016

You People - Deliver Me Home - Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Hailing from my second favourite city in the world Boston, MA, comes trio ‘You People’ and single “Deliver Me Home” from their forthcoming LP “Drop Outs”.  The trio James Brockman (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Keene (drums, vocals) and Hadley Solomon (bass, vocals) are a band I think have got a great sound. 

The track ‘Deliver Me Home’ is full on from the first second, no need for any introduction, it is like a smash to the ear drums to wake you up.  The fast pace does not let up, from the vocals, the fast guitar riffs and drum beats.  Trying to write whilst listening which is my process was not easy on this one and took many listens, even though the track is on the three minute mark, you are dragged along with it and before you know it the end is there and silence reigns.

It has an amazing sound and has a mild modern Blink 182 feel to it, only slightly, with the pace and the way vocals are all part of the music to every hook and beat.

If this one song is anything to go by then the album is going to pretty epic.

‘Deliver Me Home’ is the single from ‘Dropouts’ out December on Custom Made Music.

4 Stars - Fast paced perfection! Rock 101

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