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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chico Muya – Love and Other Things – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Hailing from South Africa, a first for us and I am hoping not the last if this is the quality we can expect. This singer/songwriter is twenty five and is already in my eyes one to go and find.

EP ‘Love and Other Things’ by Chico Muya is for one a good title and explains exactly what these songs are about, with a mixture of electronics, guitar and some clap styles in “I Fancy You”, which is the final track so I’m getting ahead of myself, but it is a relaxed high quality listen.

The music all starts with “Lost At Sea”, and what a really nice way to start, it really is a lovely song and is about escape by just getting away.  The vocals are what steps out in front and is what draws you in and everything else mixed in keeps you involved.  It has a mix of reggae beats, pop backing and ballad vocals so unsure what you could place this.

Followed up by “Silent Love” which keeps you in the same styles as before, quiet subtle guitar, electric melody and the vocals standing out in front of it all, which is nice to hear. The big stand out track for me was “What Love Is”, the melody, vocals and lyrics just make a really nice song and show the talent behind the music.

It is always hard with EP’s to do something different and unique and even though songs about love are what makes most music Chico Muya has created a really nice quality EP that I really couldn’t fault.  A beautiful sound from all six tracks, I think this says enough.

‘Love and Other Things’ is out now at all good and evil music outlets including this one here.

4 Stars – Beautiful feel good music, just what you want for any occasion

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