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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Salvation Jayne – Burn It Down – Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Out Friday the 21st! The full on rock energy filled single from the new line up of Kent based band Salvation Jayne.

If you are new to the band they have recently added power house vocalist Chess Smith, whom with her own solo project under way seems to want no rest and is the hardest worker in the room.  She joins Holly Kinnear – Guitar, Dan Lucas - Bass and Tor Charlesworth – Drums as the new vocals. The near all female band (then Dan) are recording a new EP and have released their brand new single ‘Burn It Down’ tomorrow (21/4/17).

If you love your distorted guitar, heavy drums, powerful vocals, riffing perfection then you need this new single in your life, if you don’t like the above then you need to leave the basement and see the light.

From the start Burn It Down hits you with an ‘I’m here, don’t go anywhere’ vibe and trust me you won’t want to.  With a chorus made to shout out loud and try and mimic Chess’s sound (disclaimer, you won’t and don’t hurt yourself trying) and a in your face rip roaring intro you don’t won’t come out wanting.  The intro does die down and the rest of the song plays out without fault, keeping you entranced for the over four minutes of the track.

Do listen out for the awesome lead work going on behind the vocals, what you hear is true talent there, and even though subtle and sitting behind and leading the vocals is has a huge impact on the song, and the main hook is just rock perfection with true meaning of it at its core.

If this is where the new line up is starting from then there is nothing stopping them so check this out and keep an ear out for the EP when it hits.  Go over to Facebook or the bands site to buy and listen as of Friday.

4 Stars – Power from every millisecond of sound, a rock song pure and simple

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