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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Spins – Colours – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

The Spins is a European pop rock band featuring Alessia Mattalia who worked on Jeff Becks single Hammerhead.  The five piece band are the ultimate European band as the band all seem to originate from across Europe and have released EP ‘Colours’.

The first thing you’ll notice is the pop side of the music, with similarities to such groups as Alphabeat  with the female vocals and full band electro concept, it really does open up the genre and the eclectic talent blended within the band is just outstanding.  All of the five, Alessia Mattalia, Mai Agan, Amy Danielle Weston, Marcello Giordano and Ludovic Briand are artists in their own right, it is really good to have a group come together and basically create an indie super group.

The EP ‘Colours’ also plays on the number five with five songs.  Every song mixes the vocals and styles nicely, moving from male and female vocals on different tracks, and even going from hard pop, to full on rock.  You will certainly be kept on your toes, but even with the differences of genre Marcello the main composer has done a superb job and everything just sounds as it should.  And not to fill egos but title track ‘Colours’ puts Bowie in my head every time I listened to it.

You will understand my genre jumping when you go from ‘Colours’ to ‘Hole In The Ground’ which suddenly goes funk, soul with a little hard rock thrown in for good measure.  Head blown yet? Just wait as you will be taken to rockabilly ‘Never Let it Go’ with its pop ballad chorus.

To finish of this super mixed EP, is ‘I Wish You’ which is a mix of everything and has an amazing guitar solo riff straight from a MJ track and has 80’s rock, 90’s pop and modern electro all in three minutes.

I was not sure what I was going to get going into this review, but I am glad I took the time to check it out and look forward to some more from the Euro Super Group.  You can listen to the full EP below and then head to one of the many good and evil online stores for download, check out the website below for links.

4 Stars – Cancel Brexit, we need more of this, Euro pop rock you can’t be without

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