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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Estelle Mey – The Key – Album Review

Review by Tom Coombs

When you see Estelle Mey and you will I have a feeling you will hear and see her quite a bit soon, you may wonder what you are going to get.  She is small, slim, quite soft spoken and very polite but give her a guitar and a microphone and something happens that comes straight out of a 50’s French film noir.  Enter the femme fatale.

That may have been a very grand intro but it is well deserved, hailing from France with her album ‘The Key’ Estelle Mey is one to watch.  There is a mix of styles here but I was certainly reminded of Pink (when doing grown up music and not sugar pop), the very well known Alanis Morissette with some KT Tunstall thrown in for good measure.  Estelle Mey is at heart and for the most part a singer/songwriter, but the talent here is out of this world and not just the song writing, the sound is bigger than what you would expect, everything is just grander.

So what about album The Key? Well if you like a mix of rock, electro and gritty dirty blues then this is right up your street.  The music has a dark feel to it for the most part but really pulls on the influence of Nine Inch Nails here I think, with the electronic style in places that certainly have a reminiscent sound to NNI.  And this is not just a UK release, with a mix of English and French lyrics it is a great cross over album.  And even though my French is rusty to non-existent it made no difference on the lyrics as you are drawn in by the biggest pull of all ten tracks, and something that just amazes me, Estelle’s voice.

The voice of Estelle Mey is just outstanding, she can sing high with sweet tones one second and then scream and shout with the voice of a blues giant, who has smoked two hundred cigarettes and drinks three bottles of Jack a day.  And this is a true gift, she just never misses a beat and her voice rolls between this huge vocal range without fault.   You will notice this in song ‘Growing Tree’, the flow from soft to manic is just one thing that had me in complete awe.  Song after song just flows with Epic strength and on this I believe that Estelle Mey is a talent to get behind.

The album is out now and is available here and give it a taster below and check out the video.

5 Stars - La voix d'une diva avec l'attitude d'un roi de blues

(We GeniusBabble Music are very sorry for the French Tom has written as may make no sense and we will not be held responsible as our French is worse than his)

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