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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Naomi Wachira – Beautifully Human – Single Review

Review by Steve Clyde

A reggae beat is a lovely thing to hear, the relaxed flow, the way it makes your body move and very often comes with a message. The single Beautifully Human by Naomi Wachira is the perfect example.

The beat slides in from the first note and makes you groove straight through, with a hash tag of folk, you can see that this music is folk, just not what you may think it as.  The Kenyan born and now Seattle based singer/songwriter has written a song all about human equality and if you really listen this is beautifully beautiful.

This is the leading single off Naomi’s sophomore album ‘Song of Lament’ and if this is anything to go off it is worth checking out the rest of it.

Her voice is lovely and the music is body moving magic, this is one to go and listen to and you can below.

3 Stars – Reggae beats with beautiful lyrics, you need nothing more

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