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Monday, July 31, 2017

Beachwood Coyotes – Face to Face – Single Review

Review by Steve Clyde
If you are a dedicated fan of either the Kings of Leon and/or Blink 182 of which I mean the newer stuff not the college non-sense of the 90’s then this hybrid style of which single ‘Face to Face’ is, from the band Beachwood Coyotes hailing from LA.

This is pure indie rock, highly produced, ear worm inducing catchiness, plain and simple.  With hooks, rhythms and beats to draw anyone in, it is a must for all.  And a real delight to hear, they are unique to themselves but keep within a genre which many bands don’t do these day always trying to make something 100% unique.
The draw for me to this song was the vocals from Jason Nott who came up with the whole concept and every song whilst tripping one night.  But please do not do drugs, they are bad, he soon put Drew Smith on Bass, Bryan King on Drums and Yan Clermont on lead guitar and the band were born.  But back to the vocals, the reason I went with the Kings of Leon and Blink 182 matchup is Jason’s vocals, the sound of one and the a style of the other.  The rising of the note at the end of a line is a big one.  The simple verses then having a quick hook before the big chorus it is a concept of both bands and one that Beachwood Coyotes seem to adopt in this song.
The single is from their EP ‘Scrubby’ which is due for release this summer. ‘Face to Face’ is Produced by Austen Moret, mixed by Tony Doogan and mastered by Mark Chaleki.
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4 Stars – A great listen from start to finish a huge anthem,  greatness with little effort

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