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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Riley Smith – I’m On Fire – Single Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Straight from popular TV shows Riley Smith has released single ‘Im On Fire’ a mix of smooth country pop.  The actor/singer-songwriter with his roots in Iowa has obviously used his presence on "True Blood", "True Detective", and his latest lead, on The CW’s "Frequency” to bring his music forward and really, why not?

If you like Country then you will love this, if you don’t, you will probably still really like this son. ‘ I’m On Fire’ starts very poppy with the standard drum beat and smooth chords but the chorus goes all out country.  It has that early Taylor Swift feel but from my point of view much better and less wrapped in a Hollywood cover.

The hook near the end is really well done and has that huge ballad sound and really shows of the vocal talents of Riley Smith.  The song is co-written by by Matthew Perryman Jones and Tim Lauer who have written for Hank Williams, Shawn Mendes and Blake Shelton and you can hear the talent behind everything put into this song.

Riley will also be releasing his self-titled EP early August, so if you like this then take note and make sure you download a copy or pick one up once this is released.

4 Stars – One huge pop filled country rock sound with a whole saddle of talent

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