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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

(Sneak Peak) Gallows Circus – EP – EP Review

Review by Tom Coombs

Straight out of Kent, UK comes debut so far untitled EP by Gallows Circus, a full on rock four piece band that are about to take on the world with a style of classic and modern Rock music.  You will be hooked from start to finish.

This new energetic band are made up of Jim Rycroft – Guitar, Steve Kitchener – Drums, Richard Tunbridge – Bass and Ian Day – Vocals, and they play what they class as blues-hearted dirty rock and I am inclined to agree with this.  The band are currently going around playing the tracks and building up their compositions after forming in late 2016.

So what of this EP with no name and no current release date except later in 2017, mysterious? Yes, full on Rock? Most definitely, worth the wait? Stupid question, it is outstanding and worth every minute, hour, day and month.

The whole EP starts with Game On (track below) and from the set off you know you are going to enjoy this ride to the end.  Huge riffs from the start smashing into high volume rock territory, this has instant anthem written all over it.  The tight line this band are on is amazing, the production and professional quality would make you think you are listening to something off the rock chart easily.  But this is not all in your face drum smashing intense rock, no they also have a classic softer sound.

This softer sound is picked up in Bones to Pick, the beginning of which made me think of Nirvana with the base line and gravel strained vocal.  We have not gone all ballad territory yet though as the chorus is large and unforgiving.  But it is soon pulled back to the stripped back verses which is a real contrast and works amazingly.  The pace picks up for Good for my Fever which the sound slowly builds with a old American blues melody.

Now if you are a rock ballad lover then there is something for you in Holding My Breath (track below), the title gives it away pretty much straight away and the Staind style cool heart string pulled riff and long holding vocal notes just cements this as Ballad.  But what a ballad it is, every band needs this, it is the lighters held high moment in any stadium.

So how do you complete this journey into rock, well you go all out of course leaving nothing to doubt you as rock royalty in the making.  There are not many bands with this sort of quality that you haven’t already heard of, so to hear this now is just awesome.

With no date or title we are just holding our breaths on the news; the art work isn’t even finished! So we will be back to let you know when it is released but for now, check them out on social media and listen to ‘Game On’ below along with ‘Holding my Breath’, you won’t be disappointed.

5 Stars – Hail Gallows! Hail Circus! The next big thing in Rock Royalty

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