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Friday, October 6, 2017

The Raft – Coming Up For Air – EP Review

The Raft – Coming Up For Air – EP Review

Review by Steve Clyde

It has been a while since I have walked in the music shoes for Genius Babble but I found this odd gem in the we haven’t got round to pile.  Now I wanted to review this not because it is the greatest hidden EP or anything of that sort, it was more of pure potential.

The Raft is a singer song writing partnership of Phil Wilson and producer JPedro, and they have created four tracks that are heading in the right direction.  The thing is the music is really nice from the start but the vocals are way over produced in the first song “Glad I Don’t Know” and it suddenly made me wonder why.

Was this a one off for the first track you ask, no, I started to think of the voice on Spaceman by Babylon Zoo, and made me think there is vocal issues as I can only make my mind up with what I have.  The whole EP is a bit folk pop with a psychedelic feel due to these vocals that run through all the songs.  Coming Up for Air finishes with “Regrets” and liked this EP but I had regrets that it could be so much better.

Before I get backlash off this, I think a change of the vocal style would boost this up as it isn’t really bad or even bad it is just okay.  The music is great, it all flows nicely together and it all played really well.  GO and give it listen below and let us know what you thought I would really like this as it had me stumped through out.

I can tell there is huge potential, and rather than pushing EP’s out looking at the back catalogue work on improving and getting everything just right.

2 Stars – Huge potential but just not quite right yet

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